How to export Facebook Wall updates as an RSS feed

Official disclaimer; This will only work on Facebook pages where permissions allow it to take place (as is generally the case for any celebrity or public corporate figure). In using this method to populate your own wall, it may also be worth keeping in mind that the Facebook pages which you’re drawing the Wall post feed from may (more than likely) also be using their wall for publishing of their own promotional materials, so this would carry across to your own wall too. With that said, let’s get onto the nuts and bolts of how we can do this.

Let’s extend on my last post on Youtube RSS Feeds, and apply this again onto the celebrity niche. First we need to find the Celebrity we’re looking for official page. Let’s go with Celine Dion again;

Next we need to get their unique page identifier. You can do this by right-clicking on the profile image for instance, and copying the URL. Paste this into Notepad – for Celine’s page, this will give you;

The value we’re after here is the id=xxxxxxxxxxx value, which we place at the end of the following two URL constructs to give us our RSS2.0 (or Atom10) feeds;

As with the Youtube RSS feed examples, you can check your RSS links to ensure they follow the correct (importable) format;

As simple as that! Import the above URL as your RSS feed to your Facebook page and now you’ve got the celebrity (or company or service you’re promoting) feeding content directly into your page!